The Reason Why You Should Go On a Camping Trip at Least Once


Hectic city life, traffic jams, and a fast-paced environment sometimes make us want to get away from these circumstances for a moment - or even longer. I, myself, as a commuter, borrow the fancy French term “métro, boulot, dodo” almost everyday and see the long queue getting worse when working or rush hours, whether it's in the morning or evening, make me shake my head. 

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In a situation like this, I miss the holidays. Back then, the end of year and new year holidays were very agreeable because I could enjoy time with my friends & family  and could do things that had been delayed due to work priorities. Probably we need healing or refreshing?  Nowadays, the use of the term “healing” in Indonesia, especially spread on social media has become a popular trend among gen Z. Talking about “healing”, I think nature is indeed the best healer, right? 

In this article, I will recommend a vacation idea that you must try if you want to be closer to nature. What's that? Camping! Read my article until the end so you can find out the reason why you should go camping at least once.

  1. Enjoy nature and reduce stress

Hands up if you feel the notifications on your smartphone are so noisy that you want to disconnect from Wifi. Even on the weekends, it must be very sickening right? The campsites are still very slow on the uptake of wifi connections and phone signals. However, a camping trip gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature better, because on the majority of campsites the internet signal is weak.

Then, one way to reduce stress and get away from pressure at work or life is to be closer to nature. According to website it states that nature is a great healer and absorber of negativity and to tap into its healing power all we need to do is tune-in and reconnect with where we once belonged.

  1. Quality time with friends or family

Camping is the key to bring people closer together, whether it's friends or family. It creates stronger social bonds. Camping entices people to socialize – to share stories, to strike up friendships strong enough to take the burnt sausages that will no doubt be flying off the BBQ on a warm cold evening. In addition the internet signal is usually weak,  so there is no distraction to interact with those who joined your trip. That’s why camping is a way to improve relationships with friends or family and it can create a stronger bond.  

  1. Learn new skill

Outdoor activities give us opportunities to learn new skills. When we go camping, we can learn some new survival skills, such as starting a fire, cooking a meal, how to protect ourselves from insects, how to be safe around one, etc. Of course, we can realize that there are many new things that we will get and become a valuable experience from camping.

  1. Make your more happy

That's right, you didn't read it wrong. Camping also has a positive impact for our health, both physical and mental. Camping really helps improve our mood. It all has to do with serotonin, the amazing chemical our bodies produce that helps make us happy. Several factors help the body make serotonin: more sunlight, more oxygen, and increased physical activity. We can find these factors when we go camping.

  1. Affordable

When short on cash or on a tight budget for vacations, many families can save by going into the woods for camping trips. Today's camping gear can be purchased at affordable prices and the biggest cost is usually the gas to get to the campsite. In addition, when we go camping with friends, we can do joint ventures to save more on the budget. That way, camping is a relatively affordable vacation.

So those are five reasons why you should consider camping as an ideal vacation option. Sometimes there's nothing better than sitting around a campfire, grilling a BBQ and sleeping under a sky full of stars. The smell of campfires and pine trees allure many people into the woods and mountains for camping trips.  Now is the time for you to plan the perfect time to go camping, get much closer to nature, and experience the fun for yourself! Enjoy! 😊 

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